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It's Not About Me
It's About How I Can Help You

Holistic Mental Fitness Coaching Has A Ripple Effect


It Takes Courage

With the right support, you just need enough courage for the first step.

Then with a plan and accountability every step, every shift, every insight, will take you closer to where you want to be.

It's All Connected

A combination of Holistic and Mental Fitness coaching rewires your brain and creates a ripple effect.

Soon you will have a positive outlook, more satisfaction, overall well-being, and fulfillment in all areas of life.

Support Matters

 A powerful relationship with a compassionate coach, who has navigated this path, can guide you to uncover the parts of you that are holding on to old patterns.

You'll discover and reconnect to your true self!

Nice to meet you!
I'm Elissa, an ICF Certified Holistic Mental Fitness Coach

I’m trained as a Holistic Life Coach with specializations in Somatics and Mental Fitness. I've supported hundreds to move through life transitions with more confidence, joy, and inner peace. 


But that’s not really what matters to you, is it? You want to know if I understand what you’re going through and if I can help you.

It was a long journey of exploring before I realized coaching was the path.

 I once thought I was broken and was searching for fulfillment and happiness from external sources.


Then I discovered Coaching and Mental Fitness and finally understood that my true happiness was trapped underneath my outdated mindset, emotional patterns, and inherited beliefs programmed in childhood.

I have a deep personal understanding of the search you are on right now.

It's been an incredible gift to witness many transformations with this work!

Are you ready to be next?

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What Clients Say

About Working With Me


"I came to Elissa for coaching around my doubts of my ability to start all over again after a job loss and I didn’t get the usual cheerleader “You can do it” spiel. She thoughtfully led me toward some interesting insights helped me brainstorm practical actions I could take right away and even offered accountability for getting started on them. True to her word, she followed up with me with gentle nudging and support - just what I needed! Thanks, Elissa!"

 Julie T., San Diego, California

"Elissa is so easy to work with from the very first session. She has such a gentle, kind spirit, and has helped me to go into some tender areas that I can’t talk about with just anyone. I’ve gotten so much clarity working with Elissa that has helped me to leave behind some things that were no longer working for me and create space for new exciting things to come into my life."

April P. Olympia, WA

"Every time I've been coached by Elissa, I come away feeling deeply seen, understood, and grounded. She is so easy to open up to and I always come away from our sessions with an amazing mix of new insights and actionable steps I can take. Her compassion, energy, and kindness radiate in every conversation we have. As I've worked with her over the past 6 months, I've been able to take huge strides in my family relationships and business. Our sessions help me to figure out how I want to show up in the world, and then actually take action based on that!"

Madeleine O., London, England.

The Only Thing Standing In Your Way Is Your Mindset

I know, it sounds like B.S. but I can prove it


Before I found the Mental Fitness training from Positive Intelligence (PQ for short) I was struggling with a low level of discontentment and feelings of despair. It was starting to affect my health, mental state, relationships, and career. I had a lot of good excuses: it was 2020, we were still in lockdown, and our sky was orange from wildfire smoke.  


After I learned and practiced Mental Fitness exercises daily for a few weeks, I was amazed to see big shifts in my mindset. My thoughts transformed from deep despair to hope and joy, even though the circumstances in my life hadn’t changed. All those external things were the same. 


I was thriving and able to navigate challenges with innovative ideas. I felt happier, more joyful, more creative, and more resilient. I also felt more grounded with boundaries around my energy so I could fully support others while maintaining my well-being.

I see the same results with my clients over and over again! 

If you are curious, I have a free resource for you!

You'll Discover Your PQ score, You'll Uncover Your Negative Beliefs, and You'll Get a Customized Roadmap and a Strategy Call to Create a Powerful Plan! 



In addition to these certifications, I also expand my knowledge with
continuing education courses, workshops, and certifications. 


Certified Positive Intelligence Coach

Extensive training and continuing education with Positive Intelligence, an ICF-accredited, 6-month program. 

I have been working to expand my knowledge with continuing education for over 3 years.


Certified Life Coach
and Somatic Coach

Courageous Living Coach Certification is a rigorous holistic training, an ICF-accredited, 10-month program.

The Courageous Living Coach Certification is a coach and leadership training program. We’re a life-changing program, to help you become a life-changing coach.


Certified Life Coach

Credential holders are trained and experienced coaches.

They show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through a rigorous assessment, professional competence in their work with clients.


Finding Joy On The Journey Is The Key
To Happiness 


Our Stories Will Connect Us! 
Here's Mine and I Hope You Will Share Your Story Too

When we work together you'll be sharing your story with me in a vulnerable way. I'm sharing this because I believe our story is part of how we build deep connections. This will tell you where I came from, and the influences in my life, and it could help you determine if we would be a good fit for working together. 

I'm originally from rural upstate New York. I was born to teen parents and learned to be very frugal, crafty, and thrifty. I was a country kid, raised by a village of extended family and a tight-knit community of people who looked after one another.


I grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley, where I learned to forage, camp, fish, build an amazing fire, and cook. I walked to my grandmother's house where I spent time learning to bake, garden, and sew. I can't imagine what my life would be without my incredible grandmother's influence.

When I was 15, I moved to the colorful city of San Francisco, with my mother and sister. It was challenging to be so far from family and shift from country to city life. But once I adjusted I couldn’t imagine a better place to live. I enjoyed expanding my understanding of the world in such a diverse city and learned to appreciate other cultures through wonderful friendships, amazing food, and beautiful cultural celebrations.


When my husband and I decided to leave San Francisco 13 years ago, we vowed to help our children learn more about world cultures through travel and their Spanish Immersion education. I feel extremely lucky to live in Davis with my husband, our children, a golden retriever, and two cats.

Spending foundational years in a small town and then moving to a city helped me to have a unique perspective on people. I realized at a young age that people have more in common than they have differences. We all want a sense of belonging, love, and connection and to be happy doing what we love.

I want to live in a world where we notice all the ways that we are the same and celebrate and honor the differences that make us each uniquely beautiful.

I am looking forward to meeting you and learning about your story too!


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